The cooperation ceremony between Vien Dong College and Kami Beauty Care Training Institution

Ngày gửi 08/04/2019

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On April  1st  2019, the cooperation ceremony between Vien Dong College and Kami Beauty Care Institution was taken place at Vido’s campus

The partnership between University or College and enterprises is worldwide tendency that useful for both sides. That collaboration create many chances of study and working for students, therefore, Vien Dong College are boosting training cooperation with a lot of enterprises including Kami Beauty Care Institution.

Attending in ceremony, M.A. Tran Thanh Hai and M.A. Phan Thi Le Thu, along with lecturers are the representatives of Vien Dong College. On the other side, Ms. Ong Thi Thao- the Director and several teachers are the representatives of Kami Institution.

Talk about the collaborative ability, M.A. Tran Thanh Hai, The Vien Dong College’s Rector emphasized: “ Vien Dong College always support convenient conditions to achieve the best result in the collaboration with the other businesses. I really hope that the partnership between Vien Dong and Kami Institution will give all of leaners, especially, our students a great opportunity of educating and training, which enhance their skills and generate high- quality human resource needed for social demand".


Vien Dong's Rector- M.A. Tran Thanh Hai- delivered his speech at the ceremony


   At that day, both leaders also discussed and came to an important agreement in term of education and human resource supply. Particularly, Kami Institution will assign well-skilled and experienced experts to contribute their useful advices and opinion to build the academic training curriculum in Vien Dong College.



M.A. Phan Thi Le Thu- Vien Dong’s Vice Rector and Ms. Ong Thi Thao – The Director of Kami were signing the joint program

 That event has expanded more chances for the learners majoring Beauty Care so that they can access the reality and enlarge their vision at some beauty care places located in Ho Chi Minh City. As a results, they can absolutely orient their prospect careers after graduation.

The signing ceremony between two Institutions was successfully taken place, which is considered as a positive sign in Beauty care training development at Vien Dong College.





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