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Ngày gửi 12/08/2022

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On the morning of July 22, 2022, Vien Dong College held the "Recruitment and Enrollment Day 2022" with the participation of a large number of pupils, students, New Student 2022 and businesses, corporations, hospitals: Sun Group, Vin Group, Dong Phuong Group, Ho Chi Minh City Computer Association (HCA); BIDV Bank; Children's Hospital 2; Thu Duc Hospital; Xuyen A Hospital; Emergency Center 115; Holiday Inn & Suites Saigon Port 5 stars; SaigonLand; Loc Thanh Trading & Electromechanical Engineering Co., Ltd; Hyundai Gia Dinh; Saigon Auto Supporting Industry Joint Stock Company; Viet Duc Labor Company; Lua Viet Travel Company; Misa; Concentrix, 3H Company; SPS: Digitex, Nina, Mat Bao,...

The number of contestants and students attending was too large, so the school organized it at 3 points including the bridge of Hall A, Hall B and the lobby of Vien Dong College.

Attending as speaker at the festival, MSc. Tran Thanh Hai - Rector of the school emphasized "The recruitment and enrollment festival is organized annually by Vien Dong College to create favorable conditions for students who are studying at the university. This is an opportunity for businesses to find, select and recruit high-quality human resources, an environment for students to have more information and job opportunities. working at corporations, businesses and hospitals...."
In addition, today's festival, the school board and large business groups have awarded employment guarantee contracts to new students and their parents in 2022, helping new students Course 16 and candidates who choose Vien Dong College will confidently focus on studying with the motto "Get a job in the right industry - Win a top university".
The School Board, BIDV Bank, and Sun Group awarded contracts to commit to ensuring jobs for new students and their parents.
In order to build a long-term cooperative relationship between the school and associations, businesses, corporations and hospitals, on the day of the festival, the school board of directors signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement to take care of jobs for students. students when enrolling at Vien Dong College as well as after graduating from the school. In particular, at the festival, large enterprises, corporations, and hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City together with the school board awarded a contract to commit to ensuring jobs for new students to enroll in the 1st and 2nd batch of 2022 and receive students who are currently enrolled. Sign up for a part-time job and receive directly for students preparing to graduate.
In order to help freshmen, students who are preparing to graduate in the system better understand the requirements for human resources of each discipline so that the students who are about to graduate can easily choose jobs. do in accordance with their own capacity and new students will have a lot of preparation for their student careers.
Mr. Tran Anh Tuan - Former Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Labor Information and Demand Forecasting Center - Deputy Director of the Institute of International Economic Training  share overview of human resource needs in the present and in the future
Mr. Vu Anh Tuan - General Secretary of Ho Chi Minh City Computer Association HCA - Director of Quang Trung Software Business Incubation Co., Ltd.
share information on human resource needs of IT departments in the 4.0 industry.

Mr. Nguyen Cong Luan - Deputy Director of BIDV Ham Nghi Bank shared information about human resource needs in the Finance, Economics and Foreign Language sectors.

Ms. Le Hong Nhung - Head of Human Resources Department of Sun Group is a unit covering many large areas of activity in the national economic market from Economics, Services share about the human resource needs and recruitment needs of the corporation.

Mr. Tran Cong Thanh - Director of Loc Thanh Trading and Electromechanical Engineering Co., Ltd shared the human resource needs of the Technology, Electronics and Refrigeration sectors.

Mr. Eddie Lim - Marketing Director of Dong Phuong Group shared information about human resource needs and recruitment of the group.

Mr. Nguyen Van My - Chairman of Lua Viet Travel Company shared about information and human resource needs of the tourism - travel industry.

Concentrix Company, the unit next to Vien Dong College, shares recruitment information from full-time to part-time for students of Vien Dong College.

Besides the information about human resource needs and recruitment of industries and corporations, during the festival, there was also a sharing by MSc Nguyen Duc Viet - Regular Training Department of Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics about the joint study program. Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics at Vien Dong College with the motto "Get a job in the right field - Win a top university" right at Vien Dong College. Students can still enroll in the Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and study at Vien Dong College with a joint training program.

After a period of information sharing gathered at Hall A, Hall B, and Hall 1 on the 1st floor, students and new students went to recruitment booths of businesses, companies, and hospitals to Accepting jobs creates a lively and naturally scene of the festival.

Recruitment & Admissions Day 2022 took place smoothly and successfully beyond expectations. Hopefully, through this program, parents, candidates and students will have more useful information, as well as have a part-time job to have more income to pay for their studies.



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