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Ngày gửi 03/08/2022

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Accordingly, the cooperation memorandum between the two sides is based on the spirit of long-term and comprehensive cooperation, on the principle of mutual respect, building and developing brands, providing services, training programs, link, connect each other within the framework of the law of the host country.
The two sides have agreed on content covering 4 areas: Cooperation in the field of joint training and international certification (Australia), DSS Education Group cooperates with Vien Dong College to enroll students, provide resources for students to study abroad. enrollment, let students know about international training and certification programs; Cooperation in the field of foreign language training, international certificates such as IELTS,TOEIC, CAMBRIDGE, TOPIC..., enhanced English; Cooperation in the field of study abroad training, internship, study abroad for students including the fields of Visa 186, 462, 407, 482, 494, 500…; Cooperation in the field of image promotion, transmission of training program channels that the two sides coordinate.
Ms. Daisy Nguyen - CEO of DSS Education Group (white dress) and Mr. Sam Samir - Director of External Relations of DSS, investor and owner of the Health System and Schools in Australia visited the Nursing Faculty at Vien Dong College.
During the meeting, Mr. Tran Thanh Hai also said that it is expected that on August 15, 2022, the school will have a direct working session for each item with DSS Education Group in Sydney. The school has a total of 18 professions, currently has been cooperating with partners in Germany, USA and Japan. Australia is an English-speaking country and diverse professions.
This signing with the Australian study abroad market opens up one of the new opportunities for students in fields that are strong in Australia. The first 4 industries will be promoted to work and survey immediately, in line with the current strengths of the school's existing industries, namely Restaurant - Hotel, Nursing, Refrigeration and Construction.
In addition, Mr. Sam Samir – External Affairs Director of DSS Education Group, investor and owner of the Health and School system in Australia also highly appreciated the learning spirit of Vietnamese students, the government Vietnam has invested a lot in education, which is an opportunity to create favorable conditions for businesses and schools in Australia to invest as well as promote educational projects between the two countries.
Regarding the issue of creating conditions for students wishing to study and work in Australia, Mr. Hai also added, “Although after the Covid 19 pandemic, the already difficult situation is even more difficult, but the school also has many specific support policies such as the school has signed with BIDV bank and some credit institutions for loans with low interest rates.
Mr. Sam Samir – Director of External Relations DSS, investor and owner of Health System and Schools in Australia visited the library at Vien Dong College.
The school itself has also established a Fund to guarantee really capable children with good qualifications and good English background, in order to create conditions for them to develop their internal resources. ".
He also hopes that with this support from Vien Dong College and financial institutions, they will be able to partially solve their financial needs to help students realize their dreams. study abroad, establish a successful career in your country and then return to your homeland to build to serve the country.
It is known that Vien Dong College was established in 2007 and has 18 training professions. In which, there are about 6,000 full-time students out of 10,000 students of all training systems.
DSS Education Group is a prestigious professional Australian immigration and education organization with over 25 years of experience, headquartered in Sydney and representative offices in many parts of the world such as the US, Canada, and Vietnam. In Vietnam, DSS Education has its main office located at 3 International Square, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.
DSS Education Australia provides skills training, visa processing even for very difficult cases, and at the same time represents the recruitment of labor guarantees from Vietnam for major Australian employers in many fields such as restaurants, hotels, construction, healthcare, farming…
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