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Ngày gửi 08/08/2022

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"V - Beauty's Got Talent" contest
On the morning of August 8, 2022, Vien Dong College accompanies Helen Tran Entertainment and Chungcheong National University to "Beauty Care Skills Competition" V - Beauty's Got Talent
The contest aims to find, foster and improve the skills of the workforce in the field of beauty care, creating a playground to exchange, learn, exchange experiences, help improve skills. , skills and experience sharing, creating an emulation movement to learn and practice vocational skills.
The organizing committee awarded the title of champion of skin care
Through the contest, the school wishes to find talents in the beauty industry to continue fostering and improving skills at a higher level. This is a practical activity to seek and improve the skills of the workforce, especially female workers who do not have the opportunity to study at universities.
With many candidates registered to participate, through many preliminary rounds, on August 8, 2022, more than 300 contestants officially entered the competition in 5 subjects: Aesthetic embroidery technique, care process. Facial skin, nail art art, Variation skills in cosmetic makeup, Cosmetic embroidery,...
The Organizing Committee has invited more than 60 experienced and skilled judges to coordinate with the school's teachers to judge the candidates, with an extremely strict process.

The organizing committee awarded the title of champion of the Aesthetic Embroidery Spraying

Summarizing, the Organizing Committee has found the most worthy position to award the award:
Aesthetic Embroidery Spraying: The first prize with a prize value of 60 million VND was awarded to Champion Tran Thi Quynh Nuong
Skin Care Department: The first prize with a value of 60 million VND was awarded to Champion Nguyen Thi Ha Diem Trinh
Makeup Department: First prize with a value of 60 million VND was awarded to Champion Le Thi Mai
Nail Talent: First prize with a value of 60 million VND was awarded to Champion Nguyen Thi Ngoc Ngan
The Organizing Committee awarded the title of Champion of Make-up
Beauty care is becoming a "hot" and very practical trend, balancing the labor market and bringing high income. However, the beauty care industry in Vietnam is trained mainly in the traditional way, just working at small spa and beauty salons. Therefore, learners do not have an environment to study methodically and professionally, and are not trained in infection, medical safety and health assurance.
It is the desire of many students to study in an environment with full of machines, methodical textbooks, and qualified medical teachers to transmit full knowledge and update the most advanced beauty trends. .
Through this contest, the school will search and select qualified candidates to continue training and further improve skills for candidates at a higher vocational level that the school has been licensed. train. Thereby, helping them have an ideal learning environment. After graduating from school, they not only have strong skills but also have extensive knowledge of business administration, medical knowledge, they can confidently do their own work. own beauty salon.
The organizers hope that, after this contest, the contestants will bring all the quintessential things they have learned to contribute to their lives and then to develop their careers.
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