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Ngày gửi 30/09/2022

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India cooperates in training and attracting Vietnamese human resources.
Along with the new generation of global information technology, Vietnam has gradually asserted itself as an attractive country to invest in and develop high technology. With young, clever, and hard-working human resources, Vietnam has many leading technology companies from other countries set up branches as Intel (USA), ...
Understanding the trend that Vietnam will be one of the leading destinations for information technology in Asia, India has built and signed many cooperation programs with universities and colleges in Vietnam. One is a cooperation program between Dayananda Sagar University (DSU) in Bangalore, India, and Vien Dong College in Ho Chi Minh City.
Information Technology students of Vien Dong College reach the international level.
In September 2022, Vien Dong College exchanged and urgently carried out the work to sign a contract for information technology training with Dayananda Sagar University (DSU).
MSc – Ph.D student Tran Thanh Hai, Rector of Vien Dong College welcomed and worked with Dayananda Sagar University (DSU) (photo: Vien Dong College)
For a new beginning of the program, in midlle-October, 2022, lecturers from DSU will teach several specialized programming subjects for first-year and second-year information technology students at Vien Dong College. The program is designed according to the latest technological achievements that India has been researching.
With India's leadership in the IT industry in the world, the program will help students of Vien Dong College reach an international level. Especially in early 2023, some excellent students of Vien Dong college will go to India to do paid internships in the world's leading software outsourcing corporations.
After completing the internship program, students will be offered to work in India or some Indian companies in Vietnam.
Not stopping at the story of only linking teaching and supporting internships and jobs for students, but the connection also goes further which is a 2 + 2 associate university program (02 years at Vien Dong College + 02 years in India). 
Therefore, students totally have the opportunity to get a DSU University of Information Technology degree with a low decent tuition fee, almost the same as students studying in Vietnam.
Master Harsh Vardhan Tiwari - An Indian lecturer teaching Programming for Information Technology students at Vien Dong college
With this joint training program, Vien Dong College once again affirms itself as the leading school in the South in terms of practical bachelor's training. The students studying at the school have been and will make huge contributions to the high-quality human resources of Vietnam and the world.


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